Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage therapy services are a relaxing activities that involve the systematic application of pressure at key points of the body along with stretching certain muscles in a period lasting two or more hours. Many who have had this service say that there’s no better way to achieve a sense of physical peace than a professional massage. At Tien's Therapeutic Massage, we have a certified massage therapist waiting to help you relax.

Traditionally, massage therapy can be either an individual or group activity. This is one reason that it is such a popular venue for couples therapy. Whether between people who are romantically involved, or who are just close friends, this kind of relaxing massage is a wonderful activity to enjoy in unison. We also recommend our hot stone massage for couples.

For the best results, you’ll want to go to a licensed massage therapist. They will have the experience needed to deliver a true massage therapy experience. You can learn more about our massage services by contacting Tien's Therapeutic Massage in Seguin, TX. Come visit us for the total relaxation experience from a licensed massage therapist today.